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SWASH  BarrelScope   


Winemakers, cellarmasters, brewers and distillers have long relied on shining a flashlight into the bunghole of a barrel and peering around the flashlight itself to get a glimpse of the bottom of the barrel to determine its condition. With this technique, there is no

way to see the heads of the barrels, the more difficult part to clean by any means. An expensive and time-consuming alternative is pulling the heads of the barrels.

The SWASH     BarrelScope     was developed to replace the common flashlight. It's durable, lightweight aluminum construction

and handy optional belt holster make it easily carried by cellar workers to routinely inspect barrels as they are being cleaned.

With its extremely high quality lenses and mirrors, and its powerful LED light source, the interior surface finish can be easily observed. Coopers can now proudly show customers the quality of construction of new barrels in a way never before possible

and buyers can confirm the quality of the interior of new barrels delivered.




Oak barrels 

Steel drums 

Small tanks 


Foam Lined Storage Case


Optional Belt Holster

Powerful 200 lumen LED light source effectively illuminates the viewing area.

High Quality lenses and mirrors allow detailed inspection of the wood surface.

Threaded focusing tube makes adjusting focus easy and effective.

Anodized aluminum housing is lightweight and durable.

Powered by three AAA batteries providing light for up to 7 hours.

Shipped in a durable foam lined, reusable storage container for protection.

Optional belt holster.

Thirty-day satisfaction guarantee.

Ten-year limited warranty.

What's Inside Your Barrel?

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