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Our Company. Our Culture.

Located in the heart of California’s Napa Valley

wine country, SWASH™ Sanitizing Equipment is accustomed to meeting the stringent cleaning and sterilization requirements of the Food and Beverage Industry. In addition to the Food and Beverage Industry, we also provide a wide range of products to the healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device, and medical diagnostics industries. Our mission is to consistently provide our customers with the highest quality and dependable cleaning, sanitizing, sterilization and humidification equipment that meet their specific requirements. Our products, technical expertise and reliable service have earned us an outstanding reputation with our customers.


An example of the SWASH™ Team's commitment to innovation is the BarrelScope     barrel inspection device. Developed to replace the common flashlight typically used to illuminate the interior of a barrel, it uses an LED light which permits visualization of approximately 85% of the interior of

a barrel through the bunghole to confirm construction of new barrels or effectiveness of cleaning and the removal of tartrates in used barrels.


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swash sanitizing equipment • • 800-735-9277
  • Multiple methods of cleaning

        and sanitizing from one source

  • Over 50 years of experience

  • Reps across North America and available shipment

        to Europe and other regions

  • Extraordinary  quality with low cost of ownership

  • 24/7 telephone service support with on-site services

        available in many regions

swash sanitizing equipment • • 800-735-9277

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