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SWASH™ products developed for specialized applications advance the effectiveness of sanitizing and sterilization.


Bottling Lines
Working with suppliers of major brands of bottling lines, ARS/SWASH has developed products and accessories for hot water sanitizing, ozone sanitizing and steam sterilizing bottling lines. The SWASH  Steam Controller permits overnight unattended operation.

Cleaning and sanitizing tanks with steam radically reduces water use and waste water processing

or costs. With the higher heat from steam, many customer have been able to reduce dramatically

or eliminate the use of chemicals.

Oak Barrels / Casks

ARS/SWASH has perfected a technique for cleaning and sanitizing oak barrels and casks using steam. Customers have shown that tartrates and brettanomyces can be radically reduced or eliminated and that old wine can be extracted from the oak actually reducing the weight of the barrel. ARS also offers high pressure barrel washing appliances for cleaning barrels with water from a pressure washer. For very small wineries with dozens of barrels, the SWASH™ rotating wand barrel washer is a highly affordable manual device. For larger facilities, the MOOG High Pressure barrel washing appliances provide semi-automatic, electric or hydraulic driven 360-degree spray nozzles with venturi suction to remove waste water in bung hole up washing. The MOOG FRI-K offers 360-degree spray in an inverted position on a frame system that saves backaches in manipulating the barrels.

The importance of ASME Certification.

If the dry steam vapor generator or boiler you are considering does not possess the ASME Certification Mark and the National Board Mark, you could be buying trouble!  Many steam generators and boilers available on the market, including most of those manufactured outside of the United States, do not bear these marks, and could make you liable for inspection failures, safety issues, and insurance issues.

The presence of the ASME Certification Mark indicates that the stamped item conforms to the ASME BPVC, and is a means of complying with the laws and regulations in nearly all US States and Canadian Provinces.  

All boiler and pressure vessels operating in the US are required to comply with state regulations which typically include:

  • Compliance with the ASME BPVC

  • Registration with the National Board

  • External piping compliance with ASME B31.1.

Information courtesy of Electro-Steam Corporation

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©2018 SWASH and ARS Enterprises, Inc.

Facility, Equipment and Drains

The SWASH™ portable pressure washers, built by Hydro-Tek, provide indoor or outdoor, cold or hot high pressure water for effective debris removal and cleaning. The SWASH™ portable steam generator and steam gun are ideal for sanitizing the facility, equipment and especially floor drains. 

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Wine Barrel Room Humidification

It is widely known that low humidity in the barrel room causes excessive evaporative losses. The Fogmaster Sentinel barrel room humidification system is an affordable and very low-maintenance device for maintaining relative humidity at 80% or more under ideal conditions without dripping or wetting.

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