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The Biomist Power Sanitizing System sanitizes more completely and with far less effort and complexity than any previous sanitation method. It's the first safe method for power spraying equipment and facilities with an alcohol-based solution. The penetrating mist reaches into small cracks and crevices that are impossible to reach with other sanitizing methods and kills pathogens where they hide. Current surface disinfection techniques are often ineffective, utilizing a “hit or miss” approach with trigger-spray bottles and a sponge or rag wipe-down that can spread or re-introduce germs. This procedure is both time-consuming and inadequate, as dwell times must be achieved before the solution is removed. Biomist’s sanitizing solution kills germs on contact and evaporates, leaving surfaces dry and ready for use.

Simply spray and walk away.






The CO    Propellant System


Operating the Biomist unit is as easy as point-and-spray

Optimal germ-killing power.

EPA and NSF approved.

Fire safe operation.

In-shift sanitizing.

Thorough effortless coverage.

Patented technology; proven performance.

Protect your equipment and facilities.

Effective, efficient and affordable.

Simple, safe and dependable.

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