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The SWASH     Sanitary Pipe Recovery and Cleaning System, was developed by SWASH     Sanitizing Equipment in an effort to provide a cost effective means of recovering valuable product from sanitary piping of all standard sizes, and at the same time, cleaning the piping to sanitary or even sterilization specifications. The fundamental methodology

is based on a very tight fitting silicone "bullet" referred to in industry as a "pig". The pig is introduced into the sanitary piping system via a launcher which provides a means for the pig entering the pipeline. A "Y" connector allows the process piping to enter the launcher after which the material is directed into the facility process piping. At the end of a production run, the pig is launched by closing a process piping valve upstream of the launcher and opening the launcher valve. Pressurized air, nitrogen, water or steam at approximately 100psi is used to propel the pig out of the launcher and down the process pipe line, pushing the product down the line. At the end of the line, a retriever is utilized to capture the pig.  A valve in the retriever permits relief of pressure in the line, after which the pig is manually retrieved from the receiver. A variety of accessories facilitate the process and permit sterilization of the process piping.



Process Piping

Piggable Hoses


SWASH™ Launcher

SWASH™ Retriever



Recovers virtually all product.

Cleans inside surfaces uniformly and effectively.

Eliminates water dilution.

Eliminates oxygen contact.

Permits product line change over without cross-contamination.

Affordable manual operation.

Available in standard sanitary piping sizes.

FDA grade silicone pig.

Steam input for SIP.

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